Top Rental Features That Attract Good Tenants

As a landlord in Canada, you want to attract good tenants who will stay long. This means providing the right features for your rental unit. Here are some tips to attract good tenants: a safe neighborhood – a good rental unit in a safe neighborhood will be more attractive to good tenants than a home in an unsafe neighborhood.


Location is an important factor when attracting tenants to your rental property. Many tenants prefer to rent a property near their employment or a major commercial hub. If you can locate your rental property near these locations, you will attract more tenants and get a higher rent.

School quality:

The school district is one of the tenants’ most important factors when looking for a new rental property. Parents often look for high-quality education for their children; a good school district is the ultimate barometer of neighborhood quality.

Pet area:

A pet area in a rental property is a great way to attract more tenants. Millennial are very fond of animals, and a rental property that allows pets is a huge plus. In the past, renters were hesitant to rent a place with pets, but today they are more willing to look past the negative aspects of having a pet and will be more likely to sign a lease if the pet area is included. In addition, a pet-friendly rental property will have more applications to choose from and can charge a premium rental rate. Some properties even require a pet security deposit.

Easy access to public transportation:

In today’s highly-urbanized world, ensuring that your property is accessible to public transportation and a good bus line is one of the top features to attract good tenants. Many tenants will only consider a rental property with easy access to public transportation to make their commutes easier and more convenient. This is especially true if it is within walking or biking distance from their workplace.

Invest in upgrades:

Making your property feel like a home can help you attract better tenants. Especially in bathrooms and kitchens, renovations can make a big impact. Adding central air conditioning is also a good investment in warmer climates. But if you’re not in the market for major renovations, you can always start with small changes.

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